Arizona Solution

15 Jul

Since so many organizations are complaining about Arizona’s new immigration law, and considering that fact many are asking Major League Baseball to move their all-star game from Arizona, Arizona should cancel the law and do the following:

1. Send a bill to the United States government to cover the billions of dollars in expenses associated with illegal immigration because of their failure to enforce immigration laws, their failure to close the borders to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and for not finding a solution to the problem.

2. Add a surcharge for goods and services purchased by those companies and organizations (outside of Arizona) that feels the new law is unconstitutional. The surcharge will help cover costs associated with illegal immigration in Arizona.

3. Start an ad campaign for those Latinos (and friends of Latinos) who oppose the law, requesting monthly donations to cover expenses associated with illegal immigration in Arizona.

4. Send requests to those states that oppose the law – requesting that they provide transportation to send the illegal immigrants to their states, including transportation for those persons who are incarcerated for crimes committed as well the unemployed illegal immigrants.

5. The final option would be to have the federal government provide transportation to send all the illegals to the Whitehouse, not just the Latinos from Mexico, but all other illegals from other countries.

If they would do this, everyone should be happy. I think this could work.

Rev. Perryman


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