17 Nov

Assemblyman calls on majority legislature to follow suit  11/17/09

Assemblyman Bill Reilich joined other members of the Assembly Republican Conference this morning to present real solutions to New York’s growing budget deficit. The budget deficit is currently $3.7 billion and is projected to grow to over $7.3 billion by next year.

We have consistently presented the governor and the Democratic majority with real solutions to the growing economic crisis in New York state. Time is ticking away at the chance for us to implement these solutions; it is critical that the Senate and Assembly Democrats step up to the plate and make the budget crisis their number one priority.

Eliminating member item funds, consolidating specific state agencies with overlapping functions, and reducing non-personal services across all agencies, are among the many solutions proposed by Assemblyman Reilich and the Republican Conference.

Residents of Monroe County and across the state have carried the financial burden of a dysfunctional government for far too long, Higher taxes and nuisance fees only add to a state in economic turmoil. It is time for real solutions; we have presented our proposal and ask that the majority – at the very least – to meet us half way.

New York State Assemblyman


134th District




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