Why I Support A Monroe County Legislature Republican Majority

11 Oct

officepic12Hello my fellow Americans and Monroe county residents. I have been invited to speak at a rally in the city of Rochester to dispute the massive government spending currently being implemented by the Democratic controlled administration in Washington D.C. This assembly will take place on Saturday, October 17th 2009.

Apparently, the administration believes it can spend its way to economic recovery by borrowing from citizens and printing money to pour it into national businesses in the form of bailout packages. This type of practice only prevents an economic upturn by increasing the national debt and eventually leads to the devalue of the American dollar. We recognize this through higher prices in the market and increased unemployment.

In addition to this phenomenon, it becomes more expensive to operate a business in which many companies have to cut costs by eliminating employment opportunities.  High taxes and burdensome regulatory practices are two ingredients that prevent employers from investing in additional employees.

Locally, we have some candidates eyeing the Monroe County legislature with the same mindset as Washington and Albany.  They hope to have access to more money to distribute within the city of Rochester at the expense of responsible property owners and taxpayers who do not live there.   As a homeowner in the city, my property taxes should not be subject to reckless spending to fund public projects that must be sustained by raising taxes.

The current situation in Albany should serve as confirmation. The expansion of government with the ability to tax utilities and hike Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) rates in the form of “fees” is a direct tax on citizens who are attempting to brave this economic storm. Do we want in Monroe County what we have in Washington and Albany? If we elect Democrats who will vote with their colleagues to “tax our way into recovery” we have no one to blame but ourselves.

If your monthly household expenses total $5,000.00 and your monthly income is $4,270.00, would you continue to spend and suffer overdraft charges to your account because you are borrowing money from fellow depositors? Would you continue to purchase items you cannot afford? A wise decision would be to stop spending, cut costs by eliminating non essential items and services from your budget, and build up savings. The same principle should apply in Albany and Washington. The literal meaning of “economics” is “home management.”

As a Republican, I understand that responsible economics would have limited government that oversees legitimate market transactions. The Republicans currently running for election and reelection comprehend the free market principle that prosperous citizens make for a strong economy.  Low taxes and less regulation for businesses increase the purchasing power of our citizens. An expansion of government and its projects would have to be sustained by funds from the private sector —— citizens and their employers.

I am a champion of big business.  Without big business providing the raw material at wholesale, small business cannot sell it retail.  Without big and small business, we have no jobs. Without jobs, there is nothing to tax.  Without taxes, there is no economic structure to sustain.

Our county Executive –Maggie Brooks— recognizes the value of low taxes that free up money to be used for private citizens to patronize local businesses. This is why I support a majority Republican legislature to prevent the misallocation of tax payer income.

Former President Ronald Reagan understood this principle when he unregulated businesses, cut taxes and the economy experienced ninety-six consecutive months of economic growth with the creation of 20 million new jobs; all this after inheriting a 12% unemployment rate from former President Jimmy Carter.

If you cannot make it to the rally, I encourage you to respond at the booth and vote REPUBLICAN.

Rev. Dr. Tommy Davis


6 responses to “Why I Support A Monroe County Legislature Republican Majority

  1. rochester_veteran

    October 12, 2009 at 12:18 pm


    One thing to take note of is that just about every Democrat running for local office is also running on the Working Families line. FYI, the Working Families Party is a front for ACORN and an outgrowth of the socialist New Party with its objective was (and still is) to “help push the Democratic Party toward the left.”

    Working Families Party

    This is just more reason to not vote for the Democratic Party candidates that are running for Monroe County Legislature.

  2. Rev. Tommy Davis, DDCS

    October 12, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    Yep. ACORN’s Bertha Lewis co-founded that Party. Even though Obama used to work for ACORN, they endorsed him through this Working Families Party scheme.

    • Monroe

      October 13, 2009 at 9:15 am

      This would be a much better read if you actually had your facts straight. Among the ironies in this drivel is your endorsement of Brooks’ fiscal policies combined with your statement that local Democrats would “hike Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) rates in the form of “fees” to raise revenue.

      You seem to have forgotten that in 2007 as part of the so-called FAIR plan Brooks’ hiked the very DMV fees your complaining about.

      Do some research and try to write based on facts, not scare tactics based on some make believe notion that local history doesn’t exist.

    • Monroe

      October 13, 2009 at 9:19 am

      Also, to add to this irony, each incumbent GOP County Legislator voted in favor of the FAIR plan-which raised the DMV fee-while all sitting Democrats voted against it. The truth is almost 180 degrees opposite of what you wrote it. To retain any semblance of credibility, perhaps you should correct your blog post.

  3. Rev. Tommy Davis, DDCS

    October 13, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Monroe, apparently you are a victim of revisionist history, possibly communicated to you by a Democrat up for reelection. The FAIR plan is not mentioned in this article. Rather, it is the State assessment fee initiated and implemented by the Democrats in the Assembly and Senate.

    Read Mike Nozzolio’s commentary on this issue @

    Maggie Brooks always seek to protect taxpayers and must reorganize the county budget whenever changes come forth from Albany. So, it is you who must do your research and abreast yourself of simple economics. The FAIR plan shifts resources to more productive uses; and a $10.00 fee hike at the DMV is a cost associated directly with savings in other areas through the repair of roads and bridges throughout Monroe County. Taxes do not have to raised all the time. In many cases, existing funds can be reallocated without burdening taxpayers.

    • Morone

      October 13, 2009 at 6:27 pm

      Maggie Brooks and GOP Legislators gave us, in your words, “a $10.00 fee hike at the DMV.”

      You can try to justify it however you wish, but the bottom line is she and her GOP lapdogs raised our taxes in the form of DMV fees.

      I understand why you’re trying to say there may have been a reason for raising these taxes, but I would guess the evil Democrats in big bad Albany would try to justify their tax hikes in the exact same way that you are.

      The GOP did the exact thing you gripe about in this drivel: they raised taxes.


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