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Comprehensive List of Taxes In House Democrat Health Bill

By Ryan Ellis
Americans for Tax Reform

H.R. 3962, the “Affordable Health Care for America Act” has been introduced–all 1990 pages of it.  This gargantuan beast contains thirteen new tax hikes.  Here they all are, with description and page number (PDF version):


Employer Mandate Excise Tax (Page 275): If an employer does not pay 72.5 percent of a single employee’s health premium (65 percent of a family employee), the employer must pay an excise tax equal to 8 percent of average wages.  Small employers (measured by payroll size) have smaller payroll tax rates of 0 percent (<$500,000), 2 percent ($500,000-$585,000), 4 percent ($585,000-$670,000), and 6 percent ($670,000-$750,000).

Individual Mandate Surtax (Page 296): If an individual fails to obtain qualifying coverage, he must pay an income surtax equal to the lesser of 2.5 percent of modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) or the average premium.  MAGI adds back in the foreign earned income exclusion and municipal bond interest.

Medicine Cabinet Tax (Page 324): Non-prescription medications would no longer be able to be purchased from health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), or health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs).  Insulin excepted.

Cap on FSAs (Page 325): FSAs would face an annual cap of $2500 (currently uncapped). 

Increased Additional Tax on Non-Qualified HSA Distributions (Page 326): Non-qualified distributions from HSAs would face an additional tax of 20 percent (current law is 10 percent).  This disadvantages HSAs relative to other tax-free accounts (e.g. IRAs, 401(k)s, 529 plans, etc.)

Denial of Tax Deduction for Employer Health Plans Coordinating with Medicare Part D (Page 327): This would further erode private sector participation in delivery of Medicare services.

Surtax on Individuals and Small Businesses (Page 336): Imposes an income surtax of 5.4 percent on MAGI over $500,000 ($1 million married filing jointly).  MAGI adds back in the itemized deduction for margin loan interest.  This would raise the top marginal tax rate in 2011 from 39.6 percent under current law to 45 percent—a new effective top rate.

Excise Tax on Medical Devices (Page 339): Imposes a new excise tax on medical device manufacturers equal to 2.5 percent of the wholesale price.  It excludes retail sales and unspecified medical devices sold to the general public.

Corporate 1099-MISC Information Reporting (Page 344): Requires that 1099-MISC forms be issued to corporations as well as persons for trade or business payments.  Current law limits to just persons for small business compliance complexity reasons.  Also expands reporting to exchanges of property.

Delay in Worldwide Allocation of Interest (Page 345): Delays for nine years the worldwide allocation of interest, a corporate tax relief provision from the American Jobs Creation Act

Limitation on Tax Treaty Benefits for Certain Payments (Page 346): Increases taxes on U.S. employers with overseas operations looking to avoid double taxation of earnings.

Codification of the “Economic Substance Doctrine” (Page 349): Empowers the IRS to disallow a perfectly legal tax deduction or other tax relief merely because the IRS deems that the motive of the taxpayer was not primarily business-related.

Application of “More Likely Than Not” Rule (Page 357): Publicly-traded partnerships and corporations with annual gross receipts in excess of $100 million have raised standards on penalties.  If there is a tax underpayment by these taxpayers, they must be able to prove that the estimated tax paid would have more likely than not been sufficient to cover final tax liability.

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Liberal Lies About National Health Care: Joes Wilson Edition

Ann Coulter
by  Ann Coulter


I’m trying to get to the next installment of my Pulitzer Prize-deserving series on liberal lies about national health care, but apparently liberals have decided to torture us by neurotically fixating on one lie.
After President Barack Obama gave a speech to a joint session of Congress last week passionately defending his national health care plan, the Democrats were agog at the brilliance of the speech. Nancy Pelosi was so thrilled, her expression almost changed.
But as Obama ticked off one demonstrably false claim after another — eliciting 37 standing ovations from the Democrats in the audience — America’s greatest living statesman, Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., yelled out, “You lie!” in response to Obama’s claim that the bill will not cover illegal aliens.

There are a number of theories about why America’s greatest living statesman shouted “You lie!” at that juncture, but mine is that Wilson said it because Obama told a big, fat stinking lie.
Every single American knows it’s a lie. But liberals take pleasure in repeating it — and then condescendingly accusing anyone who doesn’t accept their lie of being a toothless, illiterate racist.
Our politicians, media and courts have done everything they can to encourage illegal immigration, including obstinately refusing to enforce the border. While illegals streaming across the border generally aren’t prosecuted, U.S. border patrol agents who naively try to guard the border often are.
Wise (and pregnant) Latinas dash across the border just in time to give birth at American hospitals — medical services paid for by U.S. taxpayers — gaining instant citizenship for their children, thereby entitling them to the entire Chinese menu of American welfare programs.
In 2004, 42.6 percent of all babies born at taxpayer expense in California were born to illegal aliens, according to a state report on Medi-Cal-funded deliveries. In hospitals close to the Mexican border, the figure is closer to 80 percent. Remember: This is before health care becomes “free” to every U.S. resident.
Hospitals across the country are going bankrupt because the federal government forces them to provide free services to illegals. This situation appears to have angered some segment of the population, in particular, American citizens who pay taxes to support the hospitals, but then are forced to spend hours writhing in pain in hospital waiting rooms.
With Americans in a boiling cauldron of rage about the government’s impotent response to the tsunami of illegal immigrants, last year, both political parties ran candidates for president who favor amnesty for illegal immigrants.
And now Democrats have the audacity to tell us to our faces that national health care won’t cover illegals. Not only that, but they tell us we must not be able to read if we think it does.
The crystalline example of this sneering liberal pomposity came from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday night:

“Reading the House health care bill would show you that (the bill does not cover illegal aliens). But you know, sometimes reading is hard. Fortunately, in the case of the health reform bill, there is a way to get all of the information that’s in it without any of that pesky reading.
“It’s called Volunteer voiceover actors have donated their time to read all 1,017 pages of the house health care reform bill, HR-3200, the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.
“So if you don’t want to tire out your eyes, you could just listen to the thing that disproves (Rep. Wilson).”

Maddow then played an audio clip of Section 246 from the bill. This section, which liberals keep brandishing like a DNA-stained dress, states: “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”
In other words, illegal aliens are excluded from precisely one section of the thousand-page, goodie-laden health care bill: Section 246, which distributes taxpayer-funded “affordability credits” to people who can’t afford to pay for their own health care.
Even this minor restriction on taxpayer largesse to illegals will immediately be overturned by the courts. But the point is: Except for vouchers, the bill does not even pretend to exclude illegals from any part of national health care — including the taxpayer-funded health insurance plan.
Moreover, liberals won’t have to wait for some court to find that the words “nothing in this subtitle shall allow” means “this bill allows,” because the bill contains no mechanism to ensure that the health care vouchers aren’t going to illegal aliens. Nor does the bill prohibit the states from providing taxpayer-funded health care vouchers to illegals.
Democrats keep voting down Republican amendments that would insert these restrictions — just before dashing to a TV studio to denounce anyone who says the health care bill covers illegal aliens.
It’s as if we have a relative who shows up at every holiday gathering, gets bombed and totals the family car. At the 18th Christmas celebration, he’s not only demanding a drink, but also calling us liars for saying he’s already totaled 17 family cars. Gimme a gin and tonic and the car keys, you lying racist!
I think that’s why America’s greatest living statesman erupted with rage when Obama retailed this particular lie during his speech on health care.
It’s bad enough to be lied to, but to be lied to by people who accuse us of not being able to read when the problem is that we can read — and also can remember what happened at the last 17 family Christmases — is more than even Mother Teresa could bear without a quick heckle.


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The Race Card

wayneDear Friends:

I fear that the accusations of racism against Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Officer Crowley and the participants of the Tea Party, are doing more harm to race relations in America than anything that I can think of in modern-day history.

Playing the “race card” has frustrated and angered both conservative and independent Whites as well as conservative African Americans who feel that these false accusations of racism will eventually have the same affect as the little boy, who consistently cried, “wolf.”

When attacked by the left, conservative whites often defend themselves by saying, “When it comes to people, I don’t see color.” Although I hear what they are saying and understand what they mean, these words will not stop the liberal left from playing the race card, nor will it bring us together as American citizens.

Before I address the issue of race card, let me say that the colors in God’s creation is one of the most beautiful things that we possess on earth, whether it is the vivid colors of the fall leaves, the variety of colors in the early spring or the diversity of colors of those whom God made in his image, every person should recognize, respect and appreciate the beauty and the diversity of colors no matter how it is displayed.

In my award-winning children’s storybook on race relations, the story ends with children of all colors embracing each other and singing:

We are all pat of one family,
It doesn’t matter what our color may be.
We may be red, yellow black or white,
We must live in peace and never fight.
We should help each other whenever we can
And treat one another as our fellow man.
It doesn’t matter what our color may be,
Because we are all part of one family.

Now back to the race card. Conservatives must not run away from the race issue. Instead they must stand strong and defend their track record in the area of Civil Rights. We must fight these accusations with truth – rather than with ineffective statements like: “I don’t see color.” The facts are on our side. According to congressional records and our nation’s renowned black and white historians, the founding fathers of today’s liberals were the progenitors of racism in this country.

It is time to expose the liberals and their racist history. It is time to tell Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and President Barack Obama that it was their racist party, the Democratic Party that supported slavery, Jim Crow, Segregated Schools, lynchings, the Dred Scott Decision, Plessy v. Ferguson and every other racist institution in America; and as of this date, they have yet to issue an apology to African Americans for their past racist practices.

Attorney General Eric Holder says we need to have a dialogue on race. Well, if he really wants to have this dialogue, tell the liberals to bring plenty of salt and pepper, because we will make them eat their race card.

Rev. Wayne Perryman


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We Need Watchmen to Sound the Alarm

ArtIm: 20091019

by Valerie Head, Oct 19, 2009  American Vision

In recent months, I’ve been noticing how young families are taking action within their own circles of influence to return our nation to its founding principles. They’re learning that the place to start is in the home. They understand that to rebuild a nation a proper foundation must be laid. The leadership we have in Washington and in our state houses is a reflection of what we have in our homes. Change the family and you will change the nation. G. K. Chesterton said it well “The most extra extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children.” So what do you think will happen when we have extraordinary men, women, and children? Last week I spoke at a gathering of concerned Christians who can no longer remain quiet and passive. The event was sponsored by Julian and Valerie Head of Franklin, Tennessee. Valerie opened the evening with a statement of her own. With her permission, I’ve reproduced it below.

—Gary DeMar

We want to thank each of you for coming tonight, we are the Head Family. Standing with my husband, Julian, and me is our Posterity, Rose, Sonny and Andy. These are who our Constitution and Declaration of Independence were designed to protect and provide for. And that brings me to why we are here, because that protection and provision have ceased.

Nothing New is Under the Sun. The church is today, as it was in the days of Peter and John, held captive by the Romans, “allowing” us to practice our religion as long as it does not conflict with Rome’s teachings, as long as we conform to their education. We have been told they will not tolerate our intolerance. So, like the Sanhedrin, we have learned how to practice within their boundaries, not stirring their anger against us. From our pulpits we teach relativism that we all worship and serve the same god! That we should be tolerant, learn from one another, and that there is not one absolute truth!

We refrain from issues that might single us out as radical, judgmental, or intolerant, issues such as teaching a literal six-day creation, young Earth position and pointing out sinful practices and unjust laws practiced by our government and its leaders. We have been told we can’t have the Ten Commandments posted or speak the name of Jesus in any government building. Thank God HIS WORDS have been etched in stone all over the Nation’s Capitol because “IF THESE MEN ARE SILENT, THE VERY STONES WILL CRY OUT.”

I believe we need a “WARRIOR” mentality, willing to die for the cause of Christ, or at least be willing to suffer a little criticism. Second Timothy 3:12 says that ALL WHO DESIRE TO WALK WITH CHRIST, WILL BE PERSECUTED. Our Founding Fathers well understood that this was a battle that would require every generation to contend with it, in order to preserve our God-given Liberties. As in the War for Independence, this is not an offensive war; this is a defensive war. America did not fire the first shot then, nor have we today. Do not be deceived, this battle is of a spiritual nature; it has existed since the Garden of Eden. And let me be clear, this battle is NOT against the “institution of government” which is established by God but against those leaders who have themselves rebelled against God and have ceased to be “a minister of God,” serving God by promoting the good and punishing the evil and using “just weights and measures.”

We no longer hold weekly Sunday services in the U.S. Capitol. Some elected officials can even take their oath of office using the Koran. We invite Hindu Priests to pray over our congress. Will our new national motto be “In gods we trust”? Or will we sign our historical papers “in the Year of our lord Krishna?” Not on my watch. Lord forbid it!!! This country was founded by and for Christianity.

This Nation in two hundred years has outdistanced the world in discoveries and inventions in medicine, housing, education, power-energy, transportation, space, aircraft and agriculture. We’ve been the bread basket of the world; we have created more wealth than all the rest of the world combined. We have fought wars throughout the world in defense of freedom, asking nothing for our efforts and sacrificing the lives of loved ones in return. We have always been the first nation to provide relief in natural calamities, sometimes even providing aid to our enemies. We have given more dollars in aid and relief than most of the world nations combined. And in spite of our efforts, WE ARE THE TARGET OF THE HATE AND ENVY OF MANY IN THE REST OF THE WORLD. Why do you think we have been and acted differently than the rest of the world? Why do you think we are more despised than any other nation?  It is because the Lord built this house, and we have allowed the enemy to plunder what He has given us. It is time that we acknowledge our duties and responsibilities of our citizenship. America’s future depends on us accepting and demonstrating God’s government!!!

We need watchmen on the wall to sound the alarm. The enemy has not only approached without warning but has entered our gates, having taught our children, having counseled our leaders and slipped irons on our ankles while we slumbered.

Tonight, our family raised this flag, that my daughter Rose, my little Betsy Ross made. She modeled it after the American Patriots of the Revolution who flew a similar flag over their Navy and Army service men who understood who they are accountable to. It is our family’s appeal to heaven and to God. May He Grant His servants Boldness, to speak the truth in opposition, even when it’s from the Sanhedrin, and May we approach God with sincerity seeking His aid and blessings.


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NozzolioLast April, when Governor David Paterson and the New York City-controlled legislature adopted a New York State budget that carried a $13 billion increase in spending, I warned the Governor and his colleagues that there would be dire consequences for their actions. Now, NY faces a deficit of nearly $4 billion as a result of their actions.

Clearly, immediate and comprehensive action must be taken to address this massive deficit. That is why my Senate Republican colleagues and I have proposed a budget cutting plan that would close the deficit without raising taxes on our already overburdened New York State taxpayers . Our plan would eliminate over $3.4 billion in excessive spending.

The budget proposal put forward by my colleagues and I is the only savings plan that proposes specific spending reductions to help close the deficit. In cutting state spending, we cannot raise taxes on hardworking New Yorkers or impose costly unfunded mandates on local governments that would force them to raise property taxes. We must control state spending and reduce the tax burden if we want to create jobs and help stabilize the economy.

Specifically, my colleagues and I have proposed:

• Cutting back the $2.2 billion in general fund spending added to the 2009-10 budget by the New York City legislators who controlled the budget process;

• Cutting state agency non-personal services by ten percent to save $480 million;

• Freezing state purchases of recreational lands to save $78 million;

• Freezing planned Medicaid expansions to save $200 million;

• Reinstating welfare and Medicaid anti-fraud protections to save $34 million;

• Cutting Medicaid optional services to save $150 million; and

• Reducing state agency contract balances by five percent to save $300 million.

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, I will continue to oppose any effort to balance the budget on the backs of Upstate taxpayers just as I opposed the 2009-10 State budget last spring. We need to do more with less and cut government spending, not increase it.

My Senate Republican colleagues and I are fighting to return common sense to State government and enact these cost-saving measures to close the deficit without raising taxes. During these challenging times, New Yorkers all across our State have had to cut back. It is now time for State leadership to make the same tough decisions and comprehensively attack this budget deficit.


Mike Nozzolio

Senator, 54th District


Senate Republican Recommendations For

Cost Cutting and Budget Savings

Review $2.2 billion in General Fund spending added to the 2009-10 Budget by the Legislature for possible reductions.

The SFY 2009-10 budget includes over $2.2 billion in General Fund spending that was added to Governor Paterson’s Executive budget proposal by the Democrat majorities in the Senate and Assembly. In other words, more than $2.2 billion in General Fund spending which was not originally proposed by Governor Paterson was included in the final adopted budget. All of this additional spending was discretionary and was not required under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Approximately $1.2 billion was used to restore reductions proposed by the Governor in his Executive budget and approximately $1 billion was used to finance new spending. All of these spending items should be immediately reviewed for potential reductions. Freezing all funds for new and increases to current spending programs alone would save hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, the Democrats in both houses rejected many of Governor Paterson’s proposed legislative changes in the budget that would have saved over $100 million this year. Lastly Governor Paterson proposed $700 million in health care savings initiatives that were not included in the adopted budget which should be revisited.

10% Cut in State Agency Non-Personal Service – $480 million

Efficiency savings of 10% are assumed under this proposal. Selected categories include: equipment spending; employee travel; lease, maintenance and repairs; supplies and materials; telephone services; employee benefits and general state charges and utilities and centralized services. Potential actions include: Freeze all new vehicle purchases; Freeze all new equipment/furniture purchases; Suspend all unnecessary travel for State employees; Limit agency printing to essential services only; Limit agency mailings/postage expenses to essential services only; Eliminate all agency non emergency blackberry/cell phone usage; Turn down the heat in state buildings everyday and not just weekends; Freeze agency spending from state operation reappropriations; Freeze agency spending for employee training; Close agency regional offices; Reduce the size of agency public information offices; Freeze agency spending for conferences; Freeze all pending State rental agreements- new or renewal – to reduce space; Freeze all State agency advertising and marketing spending; Freeze all state agency public information office spending; Eliminate all State agency intern program spending; Freeze all new technology spending; Freeze equipment leases not executed; Freeze nonessential building repairs; Freeze all agency subscription service spending; Freeze agency membership payments for professional entities; Competitively bid State Employee medical/ hospital/ dental programs.

Freeze State Purchases of Recreational Land – Savings $78 million

This proposal would freeze the purchase of additional recreational land by the State. Given the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 09-10 Executive proposal to renege on the State’s current local tax obligation on existing State owned lands, the State cannot continue to purchase land. Current cash balances for this purpose would be transferred from the Environmental Protection Fund.

Freeze Planned Medicaid Expansions – $200 million by 2011-12.


All initiatives to expand the State’s Medicaid program should be stopped immediately as the State cannot afford the current program which is the most expansive in the nation. The Paterson administration is seeking to expand eligibility for Family Health Plus (FHP) to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. FHP enrollment in New York is projected to grow by another 128,000 families over the next four years. Expansions in eligibility to the Child Health Plus program should also be reevaluated. Higher Medicaid enrollment and use will add $975 million to the state-taxpayers’ share of Medicaid costs by 2011-12, according to the governor’s financial plan. Meanwhile, federal stimulus aid is supposed to expire the year after next, which will leave New Yorkers to cover more than $3 billion a year now temporarily underwritten by federal stimulus aid.

Reinstitute Medicaid and Welfare Anti-Fraud / Taxpayer Protections – $34 million


The adopted budget includes an initiative to “streamline access to coverage”. This “streamlining” of the Medicaid and welfare application process works by eliminating mechanisms designed to protect the taxpayers from fraud, waste and abuse such as the requirement for face-to-face interviews, fingerprinting and asset tests for determining eligibility. All of these safeguards should remain in place to insure that those receiving Medicaid and welfare benefits are indeed eligible under the law.

Cut Medicaid Optional Services – $150 million

The New York State Medicaid program offers nearly 2 dozen optional services not required under the Federal Medicaid program. Reducing the number of optional services to those required by the Federal government would reduce costs. Eliminating all optional services would save the state $150 million.
Cut 5% from Select Agency Contract Balances – $300 million

As of September of 2009, the undisbursed balance of existing state contracts totals more than $129 Billion. This proposal excludes the following types of contracts: authority, revenue generating, repayments to state contracts, community project fund, construction, construction related, non general fund, Department of Health, State Ed, and contracts with zero balance. The proposal assumes a 5% reduction in all undisbursed balances, of which 1% would be General Fund savings.

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Caught In Their Own Nets

ArtIm: 20091014

by Bojidar Marinov, Oct 14, 2009   American Vision

No wonder Whoopi Goldberg said what she said. She can’t help it. She is a victim. She is a victim of the liberal propaganda she believes in. That same propaganda that is based on emptying the words of our language of any moral meaning. So when it comes to applying moral meaning to words, she is confused. “Rape-rape” or “just rape”?

“I don’t necessarily want my 13-year old to have sex with a 45-year old man.” What does that phrase mean? She probably wouldn’t be able to tell. Does she say that it is not “necessity” that tells her what to want or not? Or does she say she is not forced to want her 13-year old to have sex, she just wants it on her own accord?

Depends on what the definition of “sex” is, declared President Clinton. Again, he is acting on premises that exclude any moral meaning in language, and therefore excludes any possible absolute definitions, including his own.

President Obama is smarter: He uses a teleprompter. But the moment his eyes leave the teleprompter, he is forced to speak out of simple common sense, and says things that directly contradict all his policies and ideology.

These are all connected symptoms of the same sickness: Language emptied of moral meaning eventually turns against those who use it. The shrewd are caught in the nets of their own craftiness. The history of the US in the 20th century abounds with examples. My personal favorite is the trade unions’ accusation against the employers: “If you don’t give us more money, you are greedy!” Or the communist critique against fascism: “Fascism is an immoral dictatorial one-party rule with total control over the economy by the State and persecution of political opponents.” Or atheism’s basic tenet: “To believe in the existence of absolute moral standards is absolutely immoral.”

Language was created by God for a purpose: to convey the moral truths of God. It has first and foremost an ethical function, and then everything else. We inescapably talk morality every time we open our mouths, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we admit it or not. Created in the image of God, man is first and foremost a moral being, and his language necessarily must have moral content and meaning before everything else. Whether we talk about biology, math, entertainment, computer programs, art, or cleaning a house, we are declaring certain moral truths to the world, and we are declaring them on the basis of a worldview that has first and foremost an ethical foundation on which everything else stands. We can’t escape talking morality, and we can’t escape making moral judgments every time we open our mouths.

That’s why the liberal war against God in the 20th and 21st century is self-defeating. Based on moral relativism, it is trying to negate God by negating the very moral character of language, by emptying language of its moral meaning. Far from giving the liberals a weapon in the debate, it is in fact setting fire to their own intellectual house. Every definition now is dangerous because it turns against them, every statement becomes its logical negation—and by default, negation of the very liberal position it is designed to promote and defend. Therefore every definition needs multiple sub-definitions and sub-sub-definitions, until the very talk of the anti-Christian thinkers becomes completely meaningless even to themselves.

Cornelius Van Til informed us about the “epistemological maturing” in history of the two seeds. The epistemological maturing of the unbelievers will make them more and more irrelevant and helpless to use language as their tool and weapon against God. More and more every word they say will turn against them and will undermine their own position. No wonder there is no great philosophical thinker in the non-Christian world today; no wonder Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins pass for “thinkers” these days: the unbelieving world is becoming more and more epistemologically self-consistent with its own basic premise of meaninglessness.

The unbelieving world is in intellectual bankruptcy, and has been so for the last 60 years. It has tried to preach meaning while negating the very basis of meaning; it has been trying to moralize by negating morality; it has been trying to speak while defining its very language out of existence.

This is the time for Christians to wake up and see that the “giants” are in fact very small. There is no logical reasoning left in the world, there is no meaning, there is no purpose to live and exist. The expectation that a mythical “Antichrist” will rule the world is not Biblical, and is not realistic. Such a world ruler will have to overcome the very fruits of the anti-Christian ideology—the lack of meaning. Without meaning no one can rule themselves, let alone the whole world. No one gets excited about ultimate meaningless, and no one gets excited about an ideology that can’t even defend itself against its own inconsistencies. Meaning can be found only in Christ, and therefore Christianity is the only religion that can overcome the world in an active, aggressive sense of the word.

The supposed triumph of liberalism is non-existent. All the social, economic, legal and political “victories” of liberalism in the United States and abroad are only result of the cultural retreat of Christians. God catches His enemies in their own nets—like He does with Whoopi, Obama, Clinton and many others—and thus He gives us assurance for our victory in history. If we will only act.


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Why I Support A Monroe County Legislature Republican Majority

officepic12Hello my fellow Americans and Monroe county residents. I have been invited to speak at a rally in the city of Rochester to dispute the massive government spending currently being implemented by the Democratic controlled administration in Washington D.C. This assembly will take place on Saturday, October 17th 2009.

Apparently, the administration believes it can spend its way to economic recovery by borrowing from citizens and printing money to pour it into national businesses in the form of bailout packages. This type of practice only prevents an economic upturn by increasing the national debt and eventually leads to the devalue of the American dollar. We recognize this through higher prices in the market and increased unemployment.

In addition to this phenomenon, it becomes more expensive to operate a business in which many companies have to cut costs by eliminating employment opportunities.  High taxes and burdensome regulatory practices are two ingredients that prevent employers from investing in additional employees.

Locally, we have some candidates eyeing the Monroe County legislature with the same mindset as Washington and Albany.  They hope to have access to more money to distribute within the city of Rochester at the expense of responsible property owners and taxpayers who do not live there.   As a homeowner in the city, my property taxes should not be subject to reckless spending to fund public projects that must be sustained by raising taxes.

The current situation in Albany should serve as confirmation. The expansion of government with the ability to tax utilities and hike Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) rates in the form of “fees” is a direct tax on citizens who are attempting to brave this economic storm. Do we want in Monroe County what we have in Washington and Albany? If we elect Democrats who will vote with their colleagues to “tax our way into recovery” we have no one to blame but ourselves.

If your monthly household expenses total $5,000.00 and your monthly income is $4,270.00, would you continue to spend and suffer overdraft charges to your account because you are borrowing money from fellow depositors? Would you continue to purchase items you cannot afford? A wise decision would be to stop spending, cut costs by eliminating non essential items and services from your budget, and build up savings. The same principle should apply in Albany and Washington. The literal meaning of “economics” is “home management.”

As a Republican, I understand that responsible economics would have limited government that oversees legitimate market transactions. The Republicans currently running for election and reelection comprehend the free market principle that prosperous citizens make for a strong economy.  Low taxes and less regulation for businesses increase the purchasing power of our citizens. An expansion of government and its projects would have to be sustained by funds from the private sector —— citizens and their employers.

I am a champion of big business.  Without big business providing the raw material at wholesale, small business cannot sell it retail.  Without big and small business, we have no jobs. Without jobs, there is nothing to tax.  Without taxes, there is no economic structure to sustain.

Our county Executive –Maggie Brooks— recognizes the value of low taxes that free up money to be used for private citizens to patronize local businesses. This is why I support a majority Republican legislature to prevent the misallocation of tax payer income.

Former President Ronald Reagan understood this principle when he unregulated businesses, cut taxes and the economy experienced ninety-six consecutive months of economic growth with the creation of 20 million new jobs; all this after inheriting a 12% unemployment rate from former President Jimmy Carter.

If you cannot make it to the rally, I encourage you to respond at the booth and vote REPUBLICAN.

Rev. Dr. Tommy Davis