Reilich Announces Call for People’s Convention to Reform New York

01 Sep
Bill ReilichAugust 28, 2009
By Assemblyman Bill Reilich
Assemblyman Bill Reilich is calling on constituents to sign a petition supporting a people’s convention to reform New York. The petition was introduced Wednesday afternoon by the Assembly minority in an effort to answer the call of 64% of New Yorkers, according to the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, who support a reform movement in New York state.

Over the past year we have seen our state government fall deeper into debt, relying heavily on federal stimulus monies and ridiculous tax increases introduced by the governor; we have seen turmoil in our State Senate, and our economy is in a downward recession. Those of us who are fighting for what is right are being overshadowed by partisanship and back door political nonsense that is hurting the people of New York. I didn’t run for office to leave this legacy and this is not the environment we want to leave future generations. It is time that we reform our system once and for all, putting the power back where it belongs, where our forefathers intended it be, in the hands of the people.

The petition calls for a people’s convention that would reform issues regarding political term limits, backdoor borrowing, state spending and tax reform, the re-call of elected officials, non-partisan redistricting, establishing procedure vacancies, and enacting initiative and referendum; it will also require a 2/3’s majority vote on any tax increases.

It is my hope, that none of my colleagues, other elected officials or registered lobbyists will run as delegates. Our state government is broken; it is time that a non-partisan, apolitical group of citizens is formed as a watchdog over those in state government who are destroying the state we were once proud of. I stand behind this movement in full support of the possibilities it will bring and urge constituents from across New York state to get involved in making our state a place we are proud to call home once again.

Individuals interested in signing the petition for the people’s convention to reform New York, may visit the Reform NY website at

Assemblyman Bill Reilich represents the 134th District and currently serves as Chairman of the Monroe County Republican Committee


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