Please Sign the “Stop The New York Utility Tax” Petition

31 Jul

NozzolioLast week, I announced a petition drive calling on Governor David Paterson and Senate President Malcolm Smith to repeal their outrageous new State Assessment Tax on utility bills. The petition drive has received overwhelming support from taxpayers across New York. In less than a week, the petition has generated over 3,000 signatures calling for the end of this onerous tax!

This overwhelming response should send a clear message to Governor Paterson and Senator Smith to repeal the tax before even more homeowners and job-producing businesses are forced to leave New York State.

We must continue to make our voices heard if we want to let the New York City Democrats know another tax increase will not be tolerated. If you have already signed this petition, your support is deeply appreciated. I now encourage you to share it with anyone you know who is fed up with yet another unnecessary, burdensome tax on the hardworking families and businesses of New York State.

If you still have not signed this petition and are as frustrated as I am with the new utility tax, I urge you to click on The petition will also remain accessible through my Facebook page or by visiting my website.

Families have had to cut costs, and New York State government must do the same. Please join me in my fight to reverse devastating new taxes like this one, so New York will not be the last state in America to emerge from the national recession.

Thank you.

Senator Mike Nozzolio

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One response to “Please Sign the “Stop The New York Utility Tax” Petition

  1. j. Dennis Tieppo

    August 1, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Cut the spending on abortions not raise taxes.


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