Sin of Omission

19 Oct
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Felicia Benamon

Felicia Benamon is a conservative columnist who writes from a political perspective, but occasionally deviates to write about other concerns facing her country…
October 19, 2008

Lies by omission: Media and Obama withhold truth from voters

By Felicia Benamon

It’s time to cut through to the truth since some representatives of the media are shying away from it. And Barack Obama sure won’t disclose the truth about his socialist ideas. These days, he’s covering up his true intentions as he’s sounding more and more like a liberal trying to espouse Republican values to fool the American public. He is for the working class, the “average Joe” in that he says he wants to cut taxes. Barack Obama has left quite a bit out of the picture, lying by omission.

The media is complicit in backing Barack Obama. All of the networks (except maybe FOXNEWS) slant their news to favor Obama. They give John McCain his props, but are willingly shilling for Barack Obama.

Here and there, the truth does come forth. The media calls them “attacks”; I call it revealing the truth. CNN’s Glenn Beck ventured a look into Michelle Obama’s comments during a North Carolina campaign stop. He sees the plan that Barack and Michelle Obama has for America and called it a “socialized agenda for America.”

Watch Glenn Beck commentary: ( ).

It is anti-American to want socialism or anything close to that as the model for all Americans to follow. America was born on the backs of individuals who were hard-working and didn’t get things handed to them for free courtesy of the government. If individuals were to receive such handouts, it was and still remains up to other caring Americans to come to their aid in various ways, but not via the government. Why should I work only to give you a free handout? That’s flat out socialism folks. And at a time when many Americans regardless of income are facing tough times, it would be insane to insist that the average Joe who makes a certain amount of income be taxed even more to help others.

We’ve all heard of the now famous “Joe the plumber,” Joe Wurzelbacher. Joe raised concerns to Barack Obama about his plan to raise his taxes as a small business owner. Obama told him he wants to “spread the wealth around.”

Hear more of what Barack Obama said: ( )

Later, Wurzelbacher drew on the importance of family. “A sense of family has to be brought back to America as opposed…to a sense of entitlement,” he said.

Watch more of Wurzelbacher’s comments here: ( )

Wurzelbacher emphasized the importance of responsibility also. All of these traits Americans hold dear.

Footage of Wurzelbacher’s exchange with Barack Obama has been limited in the mainstream media. Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth around” comments to Joe Wurzelbacher have been cut out. They willfully omit the truth so as not to scare away middle-class voters from Obama.

The media barely touches the ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) fraud issue as if it’s no big deal to them. Barack Obama gave 800,000 to ACORN to do its operations and ACORN endorses Obama. Representatives of ACORN cry foul, that complaints of fraud amounts to “voter suppression” tactics, but fraud is FRAUD. If there are dead people registering to vote, non-persons, people registering multiple times to vote…that’s not suppression, that’s fraud. And it’s important to preserve the integrity of the voting process to make sure it’s not tainted.

CNN takes a non-partisan look at ACORN voter fraud:
( )

Barack Obama insists that he is not affiliated with ACORN. If so, then why would he want to halt an investigation into possible fraud by ACORN? Obama actually wants an investigation of the people looking into the ACORN mess ( )!

I would think Barack Obama would want to be respectful of the voting process as you and I would want. It seems he’s irritated that someone would want to look into incidents of fraud by ACORN.

So ladies and gentlemen, Obama is trying to get into the Oval Office by stealth tactics, manipulation, and intimidation. Is he the sort of president you want to see come November 5th?

If the American media spent more time looking into Obama’s possible ACORN ties, and into just how much former domestic terrorist William Ayers influences him instead of digging into the personal lives of Sarah Palin and Joe Wurzelbacher, then the American people may have a fair election. Fair reporting equals a fair election. The American people have a right NOT to be deceived.

In ANY election, it’s important to disclose the truth, and ALL of it. The media should shun plain gossip(Palin’s daughter’s life, and her fiancé) it is unrelated to politics. But that is what the media has been reduced to in the United States. They don’t bother to delve into the important issues, but report what they want you to see through their biased lens.

A lie by omission is still a lie. So is spinning the truth.

© Felicia Benamon

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