Reflections on the presidential race

08 Oct

October 7, 2008

By Felicia Benamon

I’ve had some time to relax and reflect on the direction of our country and what steps we should take to ensure its prosperity.

In viewing the election, I’ve come to the conclusion that John McCain is the best choice. Earlier in the election season, I was indeed adamantly against voting for McCain and instead, touted third party candidates. Those who have decided on voting for a third party candidate…let’s face it, they will not get the proper coverage necessary for the American public to see their views and plans for this country. The media has concentrated on the two party candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama. The race is now solidly between the two.

I am not negating the importance of third party candidates (candidates who usually have a differing view than the two party system), but if they are going to be serious challengers to the two party system, they must become more organized than they are currently. There is a lot of confusion, and voters considering third party candidates are split between the Constitution party, the Libertarian party, and America’s Independent Party. Third party candidates’ agenda would be better served if they could meet somewhere in the middle, come together under one political party banner.

However strong I may be against John McCain’s globalist leanings, he has bravely served his country. For his valiant effort to remain strong during torturous years in Vietnam and for his service, I am grateful and respect him. I am inclined to support a person of valor who knows the importance of supporting our troops’ mission in battle and who I KNOW will be an advocate for our troops.

His partner, Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin is a bright light which this nation hasn’t had a privilege to see in a long time. Strong, sassy, beautiful, and conservative, Sarah Palin is a REAL woman who tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to play hardball against the entrenched politicians in Washington. I know she will hold her own in the White House.

Because I don’t put my hope in a politician, it will not matter who is in office as long as the hearts of the American people are fixed on God and are right with Him. When we are right with God, we can realize our gifts and use them to affect positive change and cause our leaders to take notice. Whether McCain is elected or not, our job is not to sit back and become disillusioned. We are to be active in keeping the American spirit alive…keeping it as a beacon for freedom and strength in the world. We must demand of our leaders that they hear us. And part of that is making the right choice at the voting booth.

I’ve had time to think, pray, and reflect. Now, I have made my choice. It is my hope that those who read this will vote in the best interest of our nation and allow God to have His way in their lives. Real hope lies in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not any particular politician.

Pray for our leaders and our country.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

© Felicia Benamon

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