The Case Against Obama

11 Aug
You’ve Heard Obama’s Speeches
Now Discover the Reality Behind the Rhetoric

“Outstanding exposé of the ultimate political opportunist. From his ultra-liberal views to his multitude of shady associates, this book gives a glimpse of the man behind the messiah mask.”

-Amazon reviewer

“My liberal grandmother is reading The Case Against Barack Obama, and is almost choking over her sharp inhales.”

-Reader Comment

In The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate, investigative journalist and National Review Online political reporter David Freddoso removes the gilt from the golden candidate, exposing Obama for who he really is: the #1 most liberal U.S. senator whose policies and inexperience could put our country in serious jeopardy.

Like any convincing argument, Freddoso supports The Case Against Barack Obama with sound evidence and facts. Delving into Obama’s legislative record, interviewing his colleagues, and analyzing Obama’s books and speeches, Freddoso does the research that the media has neglected. His conclusion? Obama the Orator is very different from Obama the Legislator. From his history of supporting corrupt Chicago politics to his extreme liberal voting record, The Case Against Barack Obama proves that Obama is not the politician of “change”, but the politician of status quo.

In this shocking exposé, Freddoso builds his case by revealing what the nightly news hasn’t told you, including:


  • Obama’s extensive connections to corrupt Chicago politics—while he claims to be a reformer  
  • Obama’s plans to increase taxes—amid rising fuel and food prices, he just voted to raise taxes for anyone making more than $32,000  
  • Obama’s dangerous mix of inexperience and poor judgment—evident in his shifting policy positions and the Rev. Wright scandal  
  • Obama’s radical voting record—he repeatedly voted against legislation to protect babies born alive during failed abortions 

No doubt there will be other books about Barack Obama, but The Case Against Barack Obama is the first comprehensive and critical look at the man who would be president. Freddoso builds a rock-solid case against Obama’s “bipartisan reformer” façade, going where most journalists—and books—refuse to tread.

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