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02 Apr

Prepare Yourself to Speak in the Gates
The 2008 Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy • May 27-31

WITHERSPOON TOPICS INCLUDE • The Common Law and the Bible • Christianity and the Constitution • Symposium on the Defining Issues of the 2008 Elections • You May Not Take Our Arms: A Symposium on the Future of the 2nd Amendment • Symposium on the Defense of the Local Church • Biblical Medical Ethics in an Age of Eugenics • Parental Rights and the Future of Home School Freedoms • Choosing a Law Career and a Method of Legal Education • Much More

I remember my first day of law school vividly. The professor entered the classroom and proceeded to initiate me and my fellow students into the world of lawyers with the following statement, which I paraphrase below:

Welcome to law school. If you are here because you believe that the job of the lawyer is to advance the law of God, you may exit through the door over there. If you came to law school with some idealistic vision of bettering society by imposing your religious view of right and wrong on the American legal system, the door is over there. Law is not about higher truth or any other religious concept. Law is the consensus of the people. Your job is to accept that consensus and help your client do the best he can under the circumstances.

Though shocking at the time, I later came to understand just how perfectly this evolutionary and humanistic perspective represents the philosophy of the modern law school. Since the rejection of the biblical basis for law and the adoption of neo-Darwinian philosophies of legal training in the late nineteenth century at Harvard, the vast majority of law schools have been committed to an approach to the study of law which is at odds with biblical Christianity. The heart and soul of the worldview that drives this method is Darwinism. It is a philosophy that has served as the foundation for the training of more than one million lawyers in America today.

Nine years ago, I founded the Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy to provide Christians with a victorious alternative to the evolutionary mantra foisted upon them by American academia. The goal was to establish a unique, world-class Christian boot camp for training men for leadership in a four-day crash course designed to equip students, attorneys, lawmakers, pastors, and fathers with a Reformation understanding of Scripture as the source book for law and liberty and the only sure foundation for addressing the challenging ethical questions of the twenty-first century. Since it’s founding, Witherspoon has graduated hundreds of students who have risen to leadership in their homes, their churches, and in the American legal system as attorneys — some have even been elected to state offices.

America is in a leadership crisis because our rulers have ignored God’s Word as the foundation for law and liberty. Sadly, few seeking office are offering hope for a return to the biblical principles that once made our nation great. More troubling still, most Christians involved in the political process and the legal profession are not prepared to lead in the ways of righteousness because they lack a full-orbed biblical worldview. While often well-intentioned, many are ill-equipped to champion a biblical approach to law and public policy because they are ignorant of America’s great Christian legal heritage.

Witherspoon students will be exposed to distinctively biblical training from leading Christian attorneys and historians. They will study the scriptural foundations for property, tort, and contract law; the influence of Christianity on the Constitution; the relationship between the case laws of Exodus and the Common Law; and the writings of Sir William Blackstone. Most importantly, our students — who have included home educators, future law students, lawyers, pastors, judges, and fathers just interested in being better leaders —have a rare opportunity to learn and discuss the practical application of distinctively biblical thought to family, church, and state, such that they can speak with authority from God’s Word to the defining issues of our age.


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