Electric Light Invention

02 Feb


Lewis Latimer 1848-1928

He Helped Bring Electric Light into our Homes


-After Edison received a patent for the first “successful” electric light bulb hundreds of improvements were made by many inventors within a decade. Lewis Latimer invented a light bulb that burnt evenly every time by a process called manufacturing carbons. Before that process the filament often quickly broke or bent, would start on fire, or the light bulb would shatter. His light bulb cost only pennies to replace.12He crafted the blueprints for Alexander Graham Bell’s Telephone.13He became Edison’s law expert in court–protecting Edison from patent infringements–saving him millions of dollars.14-He wrote the book, Incandescent Electric Lighting: A Practical Description of the Edison System, which became known as the electrical bible.15-He was the supervisor of North America’s first electrical plants and streetlights, which were installed in New York City and Philadelphia.16-As an employee of the United States Electric Lighting Company he made improvementsperhaps many improvementsto the light bulb that the company, not Latimer, received credit for. That was common practice.-He was an original member of the Edison Pioneers.17

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One response to “Electric Light Invention

  1. Jada Ross

    February 13, 2008 at 1:33 am

    I am a playwright– I have several black history plays. However, I live in a city stuck in the 1960’s even though things are getting better change is very slow. The Edison Home is a feature attraction here in Fort Myers, Florida. However, the mentioning of Lewis Latimer and his contributions to the electric light is met with resistance. An organization tried to put a float in the Edison Pageant of Light parade giving tribute to Lewis Latimer and was prohibited from taking part in the parade.
    However, during the black history program this weekend I will make sure there is a tribute to him.


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